Monday, 26 May 2014

Back Again!


My blog, like my garden, has been sadly neglected for far too long. I am basically a very lazy person. If nobody's shouting at me, telling me to do something, I probably won't do it. That's why I like writing competitions. They have deadlines. They make you focus and get things done. But I realise that, if I'm serious about writing, I need to impose my own deadlines. So this is me, having a go at a blog post at least once a week. It may last, it may not. Let's wait and see.

I can think of no better place to restart a blog than with something I've been published in. I've been published before, in magazines, and competition anthologies. Nothing else, though, has made me quite as proud as being part of this new anthology of woman writers  My Baby Shot Me Down from Blinding Books. It's a lovely thing; beautifully bound, printed on top quality paper, with a lovely quirky cover.  It includes five of my flash fiction pieces and a short story. When I got my copy, I was scared to read it. I was convinced that all the other contributors would be much better than me, and that I'd just been included to make up the numbers. To be honest, I'm still not convinced that that's not true. There are some wonderful writers in this book. If you can't find something to like here, whether it be poetry or prose, then you're a very difficult person to please.
In other news, I'm wondering whether it's worth entering The Bridport Prize with one of my flash fictions. They get thousands of entries, many of them from 'proper' writers. But as my dad always used to say, 'You have to be in it to win it..' So I'll probably give it a go.


  1. Congrats and welcome back


  2. I suggest entering Gallivanting, Alison. A lot of the people I talk to, and those that have reviewed the book so far, seem to be smitten by this one. My sister cackled her way through The King of Cliche and Ashes is also excellent, but Gallivanting has whimsy in buckets and funny and sad in spade loads.

  3. Too many words Richard! The limit is 250. I have a completely new story I'm working on. But I must admit, Gallivanting does have a special place in my heart!