Monday, 30 June 2014

How To Stop Your Human From Writing

1. Sit on her work in progress.

2. Sit in front of her monitor. This strategy is particularly effective when your human is attempting to take part in the Write-Invite competition on Saturday evenings. She will still be able to type, she just won't be able to see what she's written. This can be quite amusing.

3. When your human goes downstairs to make a cup of tea, hide behind her monitor. When she returns, choose an appropriate moment to emerge and scare the living daylights out of her. She's probably not really writing anyway, she's wasting time on Facebook.

4. Curl up and go to sleep on her favourite writing chair. Attempt to look as cute as possible. Covering your face with a paw is a good idea. She won't have the heart to wake you.

5. Lie in the doorway of her study looking pitiful and needy.  A little sad mewing is also recommended.

6. If all else fails, and she continues to write, turn your back on her and SULK to the best of your ability. Cat treats will be forthcoming. Works every time.

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