Saturday, 4 October 2014

Gettting A Bit Embarrassing Now!

Since I last posted, I've won WriteInvite for another two weeks on the run. You can read my stories here. Obviously, I'm thrilled, because it's always good to have people you don't know say that your work is good. But I can just imagine the other entrants thinking 'Oh no, not her again!' For the record, winning three weeks running is a complete fluke. In the past I've gone weeks, and months without a shortlisting, sometimes with stories that have gone on to be competition winners elsewhere. It's a lottery. But it's really nice when your numbers come up!

In other news, I was longlisted in The Doris Gooderson Short Story Competition. This is the furthest I've got in three years of entering this competition, so I'm really pleased, especially since they had 180 entries. My longlisted story has been sent off  elsewhere now. Watch this space.....