Monday, 2 February 2015

Still Just Getting On With It.....

I haven't updated my blog for some time now. January has somehow slipped by with nothing interesting to report. No shortlistings, no wins, no acceptances. In fact, no acknowledgement at all of the fact that I am a writer. Longlists, shortlists and results for competitions I have entered keep popping up. I am never on them. I am like that five year old child that keeps tugging on the teacher's sleeve, needing to be told that she's doing okay.  But I have no sleeve to tug. The only thing I have ever really wanted to do is write. Unless you count my childhood ambition to be a hairdresser. That never happened. At the moment, the writing thing isn't happening either.
          Ironically, I've written more this month than I've done for a long, long time, thanks mostly to almost daily sessions with my writing buddy.  I've got a handful of brand new stories in first draft form. I'm quite excited about a couple of them. I'm sure I'm a better writer now than I was this time last year. All I need is a bit of encouragement. Please? Anyone???


  1. You're a wonderful writer, Alison and you can tug my sleeve anytime. You've been so prolific during the whole of January and have written some beautiful pieces. Keep the faith. February could well be your month! Keep going, girl! x

  2. I love your short stories, Alison, so PLEASE keep writing. Sometimes we all have a slow patch or a blue funk (as I call it) when the ideas hibernate and nothing to seems to come out ... Be kind and read instead, or watch TV/films ... then oddly the ideas and story lines will pop out when you least expect them (usually the middle of the night). Looking forward to reading more of your work in 2015 :)

  3. Thank you so much, Jo and Tracy for your encouragement. It really does mean a lot to me.