Thursday, 9 April 2015

Patience Finally Pays Off....

Pieces of good writing news are, it would seem, like buses.  As the saying goes, you wait forever, then three come along at once.  I was thrilled, last week, to learn that I had been highly commended in the Inktears Short Story Competition 2014. Obviously, I'd have been even happier if I'd won, but to come in the top 7 of a competition with around 500 entries is something worth celebrating.

Then, after 12 weeks of almost always being in the top 10, but never shortlisted, and just before I gave up hope, I managed to win WriteInvite for the first time this year. To be honest, I wasn't that happy with my story when I wrote it. It was all a bit traumatic, and for a few seconds, minutes before the competition closed, I thought I had lost the whole thing. Somehow, I managed to get it back. And miraculously it won! My friend Jo came third. It's the first time we've ever been shortlisted together. You can read our stories here. I wish more people would enter this weekly competition. You have a really good chance of being shortlisted.  I was, the second time I entered. It's such a good exercise, writing for 30 minutes using one of 3 given prompts, with the chance of winning £50. What's not to love?

On Tuesday my story Eavesdropping was published by the online Flash Fiction Magazine. It's the second story I've had published by them,and it has received some lovely positive comments.  Interestingly, not everyone sided with the same character. This is what makes writing so interesting. So it's been a good writing week. Lily Cat continues to seek attention, and has developed a fondness for tapping at my keyboard. I'm thinking of letting her enter WriteInvite on my behalf on Saturday. She'd probably do a pretty good job. She certainly has a tale or two to tell!

On the reading front I have been enjoying the wonderful Millie And Bird by Avril Joy. This is the kind of short story collection I fantasize about writing, all set in the same close knit community. The title story won the Costa Short Story Award in 2012. I'm also currently reading, on my Kindle, From Writing With Love ,  Avril's book of sound advice about the craft of writing. I can recommend it for anyone in search of a little encouragement.  I've also been having a look at the latest Bath Short Story Anthology , in preparation for hopefully submitting a story to the 2015 competition. I have a story in mind, and just need to more or less rewrite it. Onward and upwards .....


  1. As always with writing, there are fallow periods. But how lovely to break into a purple phase, and with such a run of successes. Patience and perseverance wins the day. Well done you.

  2. Great to hear all your positive news. Today I've hit a truckload of rejections & competition failures ... so a good news bus would be welcome. But that's how it is. Loved Eavesdropping & good luck with Bath short story - I've been reading the anthology too.

    1. Thanks Tracy. Hope you get some good news soon. I love your stories.x

  3. Alison, congratulations on your Write Invite win today ('Shout')- and 'The Book Lover' which won a couple of weeks ago. I've just read them both and could only shake my head in admiration - loved them both!

  4. Thank you Helen. That means a lot to me, coming from such a great writer!