Online Stories

My story, Playground Games was awarded second place in the 2012 Writers Bureau Short Story Competition.

Every Girl Needs A Fat Friend won the Writers' News 1000 Word Short Story Competition in 2012

Let's Start Again  was runner up in the May 2012 Global Short Story Competition.

More Of A Man came 2nd in Flash500, First Quarter, 2013

Flying High and Mr Thoroughgood  appeared in FlashFlood Journal on National Flash Fiction Day, 21 June 2014.

A Quiet Night In was published in the online Flashfiction Magazine on 21st August 2014

Eavesdropping  was published by Flash Fiction Magazine 7 April 2015

Domestic  and I Know What You Did This Summer were published in FlashFlood Journal on 17 April 2015

No Message, Coins Under The Rug and Superhead published in FlashFlood Journal June 2015

Jumper  published online in Casket Of Fictional Delights

Shout published in Flash Flood Juurnal June 2016

Jessie Learns How To Keep A Secret published by NFFD June 2016

Just A Crisp published by AdHoc Fiction August 2016

Mrs Bonthrone's Last Day published by NAWG 2016

Yellow Submarine published by Litro December 2016

Preppers Published in Issue 9 Firefly Magazine

You Must Remember This published Flash Flood Journal June 2017

The Phone Box published Flash Flood Journal June 2017

The Smoking Circle Published NFFD June 2017

The Identighouls published by Spelk July 2017

Blitz  published by Reflex Fiction April 2018

The Less Fortunate  Published by Inktears  2018

She's The One Published Flash Flood Journal 2018

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